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Introducing our law firm
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Welcome to Dr. Amanda Adams' lab at the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center! 


In addition to conducting research to help improve horse health, Dr. Adams and her team aim to help horse owners better understand study results and how they make a real difference in their own equids' lives.

Main Research Focuses


Old Horses

The natural aging process causes many changes in a horse's body. Dr. Adams and colleagues are learning how these changes actually damage horses and how we can help them age gracefully and healthfully.



One of the most common issues in senior equids can also be one of the most serious. Dr. Adams and her team are leaders in studying PPID and, thus, helping affected horses maintain good health and welfare.



Obesity and EMS are exceedingly common in horses of all ages around the world. Dr. Adams and colleagues seek to better understand how to mitigate these conditions' potentially serious side effects.



Stress caused by events from transportation to weaning can damage a horse's immune function. Dr. Adams and her team work to better understand stress, its impacts, and how to combat its effects.

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Help Us Help Horses

Our team is second to none, but we can't do it alone. Whether you’re interested in donating a horse to the program or supporting our research and/or the most important parts of our team — our geriatric and metabolic horse herds! — here's how you can help improve the lives of horses all around the world.
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