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Help Us Help Horses.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Adams lab! Whether you’re interested in donating a horse to the program or supporting our research and/or the most important parts of our team—our geriatric and metabolic horse herds!—find the information you need below. 

Donate Funds

Just as humans are staying younger for longer thanks to research and technology, horses are living longer than ever before! But more research is needed to better understand how to manage senior horses, how endocrine and other diseases impact them, and how to better diagnose and treat these and other ailments. 


There are no other research herds like the geriatric and metabolic horses here at the University of Kentucky. These horses are an essential part of our research team, and we wouldn't be able to learn what we are about aging and endocrine diseases without them!

Contact Dr. Amanda Adams at or (859) 218-1097 to find out more about the programs current needs.

Click here to support the aged and metabolic horse herds, along with the invaluable research they enable us to conduct, via the University of Kentucky Network for Good.

Donate a Horse

Do you have a horse you think might be a perfect addition to one of our our research herds? Wed love to chat!

Horses with PPID and EMS are crucial to helping us better understand and combat this disease. To join our herd, horses must have been diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian (the owner must provide documentation) or display clinical signs associated with PPID and/or EMS.

​The owner must be willing and able to transport the horse to the designated facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

In an e-mail to, owners should submit:


  • Contact information (telephone and e-mail preferred);

  • A photograph or short video of the horse, clearly showing the hair coat;

  • The horse's sex;

  • The horse's age (documentation is required); and

  • If asked, a blood sample.

Our team will review the information contained in the e-mail and contact the owner if the horse meets the requirements and has been accepted into the program.


Please note:

  • Unfortunately, herd space is limited and not all horses that meet the requirements can be accepted;​

  • Our acceptance of the aforementioned information, photographs/videos, and/or blood samples does not constitute an agreement or guarantee that a horse will be accepted into the program; and

  • By submitting the aforementioned information, media, and/or blood samples, the owner acknowledges the understanding and acceptance that the horse is not guaranteed a spot in the program.

Please e-mail with questions and/or for more information.

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