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Step Inside the Adams Lab

Meet Dr. Adams, her colleagues, and the students who work in the lab and conduct research; learn about the main areas of study; and get to know the most important team members: the horses!

Areas of Study

The Adams lab has four main research focuses: old horse health and wellness, equine metabolic syndrome, pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (formerly referred to as equine Cushing's disease), and stress in horses.  Learn about the conditions, how they impact horses, and how the lab is working to understand them better to help horses stay healthy and happy.

Meet the People

From undergrad students to lab directors, get to know the team that conducts studies, cares for the research herds, and keeps the lab running smoothly. 

Meet the Horses

Meet the most important part of the team: the horses in our research herds!

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Help Us Help Horses

Our team is second to none, but we can't do it alone. Whether you’re interested in donating a horse to the program or supporting our research and/or the most important parts of our team — our geriatric and metabolic horse herds! — here's how you can help improve the lives of horses all around the world.
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