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Resources for Horse

Study findings are important, but they can be complicated! Here's what horse owners can learn from recent research conducted by and in collaboration with the Adams lab, in easy-to-understand and applicable terms.

Science Simplified

Horse health doesn't have to be hard to understand! Click below to find out what you need to know and how you can apply it to caring for your own horses, all translated from "vetspeak" to easy-to-understand content:

Content Featuring the Adams Lab

Podcast: Equine Innovators: Dr. Amanda Adams Talks About Older Horses

Dr. Amanda Adams describes her senior horse research, which focuses on EMS, PPID, and immune system health. Listen now on

Article: Retirement Planning: Optimizing Your Horse’s Post-Career Care

Is your horse approaching his retirement years? Learn how to keep your horse happy and healthy after his athletic career. Read more on

Article: The Probiotic and Prebiotic Puzzle

What do probiotics and their counterparts–prebiotics–do for horses? Here’s what the current research says. Read more on

Article: How Cushing’s Syndrome May Affect Immunity

A study suggests that special care may be required when planning the vaccination schedule of horses with pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID, also known as Cushing’s syndrome). Read more from Equus.

Podcast: Equine Metabolic Issues: What Are the Differences?

Learn what distinguishes PPID, EMS, and IR from each other and how to care for “metabolic” horses. Listen on

Article: Immunosenescence: What Owners of Old Horses Need to Know

Take a look at how immunosenescence⁠—the phenomenon in which as horses age, their immune systems decline⁠—and its effects impact the way owners and veterinarians care for senior horses. Read more on

Commentary: The “Older” Horse: An Immunological Perspective

In recent years there has been a shift in the U.S. horse population, with aged horses (those 15 years and older) an increasing percentage (20-30%). As such, researchers need to learn more about senior horse immunology. Read more on Stable Management.

Article: Protect Your Older Horse This Winter With These Tips

For the owners of horses 15 and up, winter means bracing for some of the challenges which may hinder older equines. Learn how to prepare senior horses for the cold with these tips.  Read more on

Article: What’s New With Weaning Foals?

As you consider ways you can help your foal—and his dam—through the weaning process, examine proven methods based on research findings to formulate a plan.  Read more on

Article: The Science of Aging

Growing old may be inevitable, but age-related infirmities do not have to be. Here are four major areas where researchers are opening new doors to healthier, stronger senior years for horses. Read more from Equus.

Article: Equine Immunity From Birth to Old Age

Many factors affect your horse’s ability to mount an effective immune response, one of which is his age. Learn more about the equine immune system and how it functions at every stage of his life. Read more on

Video: Role of Nutrition in Geriatric and EMS Horses

Did you know nutrition can impact geriatric horses’ immune responses? Here’s what you should keep in mind. Watch on

Article: Vaccines, Dewormers, and Nutrition for Senior Horses

More and more horses are staying active into their golden years, but just because a horse is young-at-heart doesn’t mean his body is just as fresh. Here's how you can ensure your horse’s “healthspan” equals his lifespan by optimizing his immunity, parasite control, and feed programs. Read more on

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Help Us Help Horses

Our team is second to none, but we can't do it alone. Whether you’re interested in donating a horse to the program or supporting our research and/or the most important parts of our team — our geriatric and metabolic horse herds! — here's how you can help improve the lives of horses all around the world.
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